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Ranching Catalogue Part 3 (Authors H-L)

Presenting 973 Rare Books of Ranching Literature

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Catalogue items:

HAFEN, Arthur Knight. Dixie Folklore and Pioneer Memoirs. St. George, Utah: Privately published, 1961 through HAKOLA, John W. (ed.). Frontier Omnibus. Missoula: Montana State University Press; Helena: Montana Historical Society, [1962]

HAKOLA, John W. (ed.). Frontier Omnibus. Missoula: Montana State University Press; Helena: Montana Historical Society, [1962] through HALEY, J. Evetts. Earl Vandale on the Trail of Texas Books. Canyon, Texas: [Carl Hertzog for] Palo Duro Press, 1965

HALEY, J. Evetts. F. Reaugh, Man and Artist. El Paso: Carl Hertzog [for The Shamrock Oil and Gas Corporation], 1960 through HALEY, J. Evetts. “The Making of a Scout” in True West 13:5 (May-June 1966)

HALEY, J. Evetts. Men of Fiber. El Paso: Carl Hertzog, 1963 through HALEY, J. Evetts & Erwin E. Smith. Life on the Texas Range.... Austin: University of Texas Press, [1952]

HALEY, J. Evetts & Erwin E. Smith. Life on the Texas Range. Austin: University of Texas Press, [1973] through HALSELL, H. H. Romance of the West. San Antonio: Naylor, 1940

HAMBLETON, Chalkley J. A Gold Hunter’s Experience. Chicago: Printed for private circulation, 1898 through HAMNER, Laura V. Short Grass and Longhorns. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1943

[HAMNER, Laura V.]. Pen Points: In Commemoration of the Twenty-First Anniversary of the Panhandle Pen Women. New York: Henry Harrison, [1941] through HARMAN, Samuel W. Belle Starr, the Female Desperado. Houston: Frontier Press of Texas, 1954

HARMAN, S[amuel] W. Hell on the Border.... Fort Smith, Arkansas: Phoenix Publishing Company, [1898] through HASTINGS, Frank S. A Ranchman’s Recollections.... Austin: The Texas State Historical Association, [1985]

HASTINGS, George E. Hell in Texas. Austin: Texas Folk-Lore Society, 1931 through HEERMANS, Forbes. Thirteen Stories of the Far West. Syracuse: C. W. Bardeen Publisher, 1887

HEGEMANN, Elizabeth Compton. Navaho Trading Days. [Albuquerque]: University of New Mexico Press, [1963] through HEWETT, Edgar L. Campfire and Trail. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1943

HICKENLOOPER, Frank. An Illustrated History of Monroe County, Iowa.... Albia, Iowa: [Published by the author], 1896 through [HILZINGER, John George]. Treasure Land: A Story. Vol. 1 [all published]. Tucson: Arizona Advancement Company, 1897

HINES, Gordon. Alfalfa Bill: An Intimate Biography. Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Press, [1932] through HOLDEN, William Curry. Alkali Trails; or, Social and Economic Movements of the Texas Frontier, 1846-1900. Dallas: Southwest Press, [1930]

HOLDEN, William Curry. Alton Hutson: Reminiscences of a South Plains Youth. San Antonio: Trinity University Press, [1975] through HOLMAN, David (comp.). Letters of Hard Times in Texas, 1840-1890. Austin: Roger Beacham [William R. Holman], 1974

HOLMAN, Frederick V. Dr. John McLoughlin, the Father of Oregon. Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1907 through HORGAN, Paul. The Return of the Weed.... Illustrated with Original Lithographs by Peter Hurd. New York & London: Harper, 1936

HORN, Calvin. New Mexico’s Troubled Years: The Story of the Early Territorial Governors. Albuquerque: Horn & Wallace, [1963] through HOUSE, Boyce. Tall Talk from Texas. San Antonio: Naylor, 1944

HOUSE, Boyce. Texas—Proud and Loud. San Antonio: Naylor, [1945] through HOYT, Henry F. A Frontier Doctor. Boston, New York & Cambridge: Houghton Mifflin Company & Riverside Press, 1929

HUBBARD, Lester A. (ed.). Ballads and Songs from Utah.... Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1961 through HUNT, Aurora. Kirby Benedict, Frontier Federal Judge.... Glendale: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1961

HUNT, Elvid. History of Fort Leavenworth, 1827-1927. Fort Leavenworth: General Service Schools Press, 1926 through HUNTER, J. Marvin (ed.). The Trail Drivers of Texas.... Nashville: Cokesbury Press, 1925

HUNTER, J. Marvin. The Trail Drivers of Texas.... New York: Argosy-Antiquarian, 1963 through HUTTO, John R. Howard County in the Making [wrapper title]. N.p.: [Jordan’s Print], 1938

HUTTON, William Rich. Glances at California, 1847-1853.... San Marino: [Ward Ritchie for] Huntington Library, 1942 through INMAN, Henry. The Old Santa Fé Trail: The Story of a Great Highway. New York & London: Macmillan Company, 1897

INMAN, Henry. The Old Santa Fé Trail.... Topeka: Crane & Company, 1899 through JAMES, Maria Aurelia. I Remember: Being the Memoirs of Mrs. John Herndon (Maria Aurelia Williams) James.... San Antonio: Naylor, 1938

JAMES, Vinton Lee. Frontier and Pioneer Recollections of Early Days in San Antonio and West Texas. San Antonio: Artes Graficas, 1938 through JAMES, Will. Scorpion: A Good Bad Horse. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1936

JAMES, Will. The Three Mustangeers. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1933 through JOCELYN, Stephen Perry. Mostly Alkali: A Biography. Caldwell: Caxton Printers, 1953

JOCKNICK, Sidney. Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado and Campfire Chats with Otto Mears, the Pathfinder, from 1870 to 1883, Inclusive. Denver: Carson-Harper Company, 1913 through JONES, Daniel W. Forty Years among the Indians.... Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1890

JONES, Daniel W. Forty Years among the Indians.... Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1890 through KEGLEY, Max. Rodeo: The Sport of the Cow Country. New York: Hastings House, [1942]

KEITH, Elmer. Sixguns by Keith: The Standard Reference Work. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: The Stackpole Company, [1955] through KELLY, Charles & Dale Morgan. Old Greenwood: The Story of Caleb Greenwood, Trapper, Pathfinder, and Early Pioneer. Georgetown, California: Talisman Press, 1965

KELLY, Luther S. Yellowstone Kelly: The Memoirs of Luther S. Kelly. Edited by M. M. Quaife, with a Foreword by Lt. General Nelson A. Miles. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1926 through KING, Frank M. Longhorn Trail Drivers. [Los Angeles]: Frank M. King, 1940

KING, Frank M. Mavericks: The Salty Comments of an Old-Time Cowpuncher. Pasadena: Trail’s End, [1947] through KLEBERG, Robert J., Jr. The Santa Gertrudis Breed of Beef Cattle [wrapper title]. Kingsville, n.d. [1954]

KLEBERG, Robert J., Jr. The Santa Gertrudis Breed of Beef Cattle. Kingsville: [Carl Hertzog for] King Ranch, 1954 through KRAKEL, Dean F. South Platte Country.... Laramie: Powder River Publishers, 1954

KRAKEL, Dean F. South Platte Country.... Laramie: Powder River Publishers, 1954 through LANDA, Harry. As I Remember.... [San Antonio: Carleton Printing, 1945]

LANDERS, Joseph (comp.). Who’s Who in the Rockies. Denver: Denver Press Club, [1923] through LASATER, Laurence. The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1972

LASATER, Laurence. The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1972 through LAY, Dan W. Management of Fur-Bearing Animals on Texas Farms and Ranches. [Austin]: Texas Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission, 1940

LE NETREL, Edmond. Voyage of the Héros: Around the World with Duhaut-Cilly in the Years 1826, 1827, 1828 & 1829.... Los Angeles & [Pasadena: The Castle Press for] Glen Dawson, 1951 through LEA, Tom. Western Beef Cattle: A Series of Eleven Paintings by Tom Lea Depicting the Origin and Development of the Western Range Animal. [Austin]: Encino Press, [1967]

LEA, Tom. The Wonderful Country. Boston: Little, Brown, [1952] through LEECH, Harper & John Charles Carroll. Armour and His Times. New York & London: D. Appleton-Century Company, 1938

LEEPER, David Rohrer. The Argonauts of ‘Forty-Nine: Some Recollections of the Plains and the Diggings. South Bend, Indiana: J. B. Stoll & Company, 1894 through LEWIS, Oscar. Sutter’s Fort: Gateway to the Gold Fields. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, [1966]

LEWIS, Richard W. Early Day History of Home City, Kansas. Marysville, Kansas: The Marysville Advocate, 1949 through [LIPPINCOTT, Sara Jane (Clarke)]. New Life in New Lands: Notes of Travel by Grace Greenwood [pseud]. New York: J. B. Ford, 1873

LIPPS, Oscar H. The Navajos: Little Histories of North American Indians. Cedar Rapids: The Torch Press, 1909 through LOGUE, Roscoe. Tumbleweeds and Barb Wire Fences. Amarillo: Russell Stationery Company, 1936

LOGUE, Roscoe. Under Texas and Border Skies. Amarillo: Russell Stationery Co., 1935 through LOOMIS, Leander Vaness. A Journal of the Birmingham Emigrating Company.... Salt Lake City: [Legal Printing Company], 1928

[LORD, John Keast]. At Home in the Wilderness.... London: Robert Hardwicke, 1867 through [LYNDON, Ross] (Wilbert Edwin Eisele, pseud.). The Real Wild Bill Hickok.... Denver: William H. Andre, 1931

Item 2841
Item 2841